Slightly out of character for this space, I want to share what 2020 has looked like for me and some major lessons I’ve learned. A quick warning, this has some descriptions of abuse that may be triggering to some, and this post is pretty vulnerable.

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A few years ago I was on a design team inside of a 15,000-plus employee company that focuses on cell phone insurance and retail warrantees. I spent nearly 4 years on that team getting to know almost every aspect of a very complex product ecosystem. My last year there was…

Enough buzz words in that title for ya? Let’s talk about some methods for enabling an entire company to understand a set of interviews.

How did we get here

I’ll start by painting a picture of something that happens all too often at large companies: someone does an amazing, insightful set of interviews around a…

This weekend the Vanderbilt Wond’ry hosted their 2nd TOM hackathon. TOM stands for Tikkum Olam Makers. Tikkum Olam means “Fix the world” in hebrew.

“We’re a global movement of communities connecting makers, designers, developers and engineers with people with disabilities (aka — ‘Need-Knowers’) to develop technological solutions for everyday challenges…

Better known as, “How the heck did I get here?”

Career Goals

If you had asked me fresh out of college what my dream career was, I would have said designing wine labels, and being creative director of a brand. Boy, was I wrong. Not that that doesn’t sound fun, but the…

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Interview by Jess Nelson, Intro by Lindsey Laseter
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Brooke Dainty

As an artist turned jewelry designer and new mom in 2014, Jenny Luckett discovered teething necklaces were seriously lacking beautiful, thoughtfully designed options. So, naturally she created them herself, eventually turning it into a full-time business venture. January Moon is now a full line of accessories inspired by both style and function for stylish moms and their little ones. She shared her story with us on how it all started, what she’d tell her younger self and how she balances motherhood, marriage and running a business.

How long have you been designing and making teething jewelry?
I started making teething necklaces when my son Shep was teething, 3 years ago. …

As a co-organizer of Nashville UX I get asked this question a good bit by junior to mid level designers who are about to start a job as the sole person doing UX in their company. This is also exactly where my brain was the night before I started at…

March 29 we had Dan Tulloh, Director of UX at Asurion come speak to us about “The Unintended Consequences of the Rise of UX.”
Dan went to school for graphic design in Richmond, VA. In school everyone talked about what companies they wanted work for post-graduation. Everyone talked about working…

Jess Cohen

Nashville lead for Ladies Get Paid, Ladies, Wine and Design-er, Product Design Lead @ Eventbrite, dog mom.

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